Sports Injuries Welcome to the sports injuries clinic.  Whether you are young or old, compete internationally or enjoy the occasional game of bowls, we can help.  Having competed at a high level himself, Dan understands your injury and has the experience to help you make a speedy recovery.
We focus on three main points:
  1. What have I done?
  2. How long will it take to get better?
  3. Rehabilitation exercises.
Firstly, an accurate diagnosis must be made to understand the tissues involved and to what extent they have been damaged.  Based upon this, the question “when can I get back to my sport” can be tackled.  To hasten your recovery specific rehabilitation exercises can be given. 
Ultimately, guiding you back to a successful recovery is our primary goal.
Please do not hesitate to call Dan on 07740 084 750 to discuss whether your condition is appropriate for osteopathic treatment.