Osteopathy for Adults

The human body is very good at compensating and adapting to problems both physically and mentally but there comes a point when the body can not cope and injury occurs. This may lead to ongoing problems which persist or, on occasions, the body can seize up in a protective spasm leading to acute pain with just one simple movement (i.e. picking up a pencil).
The osteopath’s skill lies in their intimate and detailed knowledge of anatomy combined with a highly trained sense of touch which enables them to diagnose and treat the underlying causes of pain.

Osteopaths offer a safe and natural approach to pain and dysfunction by employing manual techniques. We always bear in mind your preferences, age, and state of health.

If necessary, we will refer you back to your GP for any bloods or scans/x-rays that may be appropriate. Our aim is to manage your condition as effectively as possible.

We are able to alleviate the symptoms of many problems including:

• Back and Neck pain
• Leg pain and Sciatica
• Injuries to joints such as shoulders/knees/elbows/wrists/ankles
• Repetitive strain injuries
• Osteoarthritis (wear and tear of the joints)
• Postural problems
• Headaches/Migraines
• Whiplash
• Pinched nerves
• Sports Injuries

Please do not hesitate to call Dan on 07740 084 750 to discuss whether your condition is appropriate for osteopathic treatment.