When you arrive we will welcome you and explain the procedure of examination and treatment and gain consent to continue.

We will ask you all about your main complaint and allow time take a full medical case history. This will help us understand and manage your problem in the most appropriate way. All information given is strictly confidential. Please bring with you a list of all your current and recently discontinued medication together with any reports of scans/x-rays or medical letters.

We will then ask you to remove your outer clothing so we can examine you. If you prefer to remain clothed this will be respected. In such cases, it would help us if you wear shorts and a t-shirt or loose comfortable clothing. Your comfort and wishes are most important to us.

You are always welcome to bring a friend or family member to join you. All young persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

We will explain every step of the examination and diagnosis and will seek your consent prior to any treatment given. We encourage you to ask any questions at any stage during your visit.

Please call Dan on 07740 084 750 for any further questions/concerns about your consultation with us.