Osteopathy for Babies & Children

In the course of his work, Dan has met with a number of the local NCT team, health visitors and midwives and values working together to optimize paediatric care.

During the birth process small, but significant, shifts occur in the infant skull. When the birth is complicated by being unduly fast or slow, or when intervention is necessary such as forceps or suction cap, the infant skull may struggle to recover from the distortion or “strain pattern” that remains post delivery. This may lead to subtle changes in function leading to such problems as feeding and sleeping difficulties, colic, and glue ear.

Treatment is non-invasive and very gentle. We carefully feel for the strain that is left from the birth process and ease the tissues towards normality. If these problems are not resolved at an early age then problems can occur later in childhood such as recurrent ear & chest infections, asthma or in some cases, behavioral difficulties.

Dan finds it immensely rewarding to follow babies into their toddler stage and then into childhood knowing their potential to develop is maximized.

Please do not hesitate to call Dan for a chat or any guidance regarding any of these issues on 07740 084 750